Whole 30 – Truth Time

eba2fba53ce5b1000e432e67952422aaI’m at a point in this whole challenge where it would be so easy to give up. Today is day 26, and I’m so close to the end that I think, “eh, what’s a few days? 26 is the same as 30 right?”. But it’s not. I know that it’s not. But when I’m sitting on my balcony on a hot summer day reading a book, I think about how nice it would be to have a glass of pinot grigio, or how comforting it would be to have a slice of pizza while watching movies later that night.

Last week one of my co-workers accused me of cheating (jokingly) and said I probably eat salads at work then go home and eat whatever I want. I was actually a little offended, first that she would think I would continue this at work to impress people I don’t really care that much about. Second, it should be clear to anyone paying attention that I have lost weight and have more energy. Lastly, I would just never do that. If I gave up, I would be honest about it. What she said resonated with me though, and in these days where I am so close to the end, I have thought to myself, “no one would know if I got a bagel and a creamy, sweet coffee at Starbucks…” But I would know.

One of the reasons I started this challenge was to do just that – challenge myself. I, like a lot of people, am really good at starting things, but I sometimes have a hard time seeing things through. In a class at the gym, I’m the girl who quits at 11 when the instructor tells us to do 12 reps. I don’t always turn the tension up on my bike when the spin instructor tells us to. After all, know one will know…The thing is, willpower is like a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets. I’m doing this for myself. I want to think back on this experience and remember that when I wanted to give up, I pushed myself just that little bit harder, went a little bit further and got the job done. So, if any of you are out there are feeling like I am today, keep your chin up, you can finish anything with the right mindset.


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