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This has been a hard day. I try not to let stories in the news really get to me because I feel like if I were to let all the bad news in the world get in my head I would just fall apart. I’m sure you have all already heard about the shooting that happened in the US this morning. A young news anchor Alison Parker and her camera man Adam Ward were shot live on air. My heart is broken. I don’t think its right to criticize someone else’s culture or country but there are certain things about America that I just cannot understand – equal rights, health care but most importantly, gun control. I cannot fathom living in a democratic, first world country that just accepts that anyone could be killed while doing mundane things like going to the movies, to school or to work.

Stories like this should be shocking but they are rapidly becoming run of the mill. My cousin is a reporter. She is 24, fresh-faced, with short blond hair, just like Alison was. Maybe that’s why I’m relating to this story more than (literally) the hundreds of others that come from across the border. I urge my American followers to use your power next year when you hit the polls. Tell your leaders that it is unacceptable for innocent lives to be lost daily to gun violence. This has to end.


One thought on “In The News

  1. Czar Caz Ehm says:

    I am anti-American and Anti-Russian. I am anti-anything were the lives of people are jeopardized with by insanity. Its more important to have to right to carry a gun around with no restriction rather than provide free education so you can have an educated working class…. Yikes dont get me started….


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