About Me

friend, sister, avid reader, writer, yoga lover, cat owner, wine drinker, chatter box, daughter, Lost fanatic, blog lover, slightly judgemental, brunette, foodie, corporate shill, world’s proudest aunt, Twitter addict, altophobic, avid camper, hockey fan, music lover, quick witted, smoker, reality tv junkie, Godmother, Canadian girl through and through.


Photo credit: Vanessa Balenovich


You can reach me at ash_a_leigh@hotmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Czar Caz Ehm says:

    First time taking C12. Went in with a 75% mid term and came out with a D!!!! (60 to 65). Holy Crap most effort I put into one of these CIP courses. Instructor thank the stars was tough on the mid term, not a slick slide into the final.. So I was prepared! D for Done!

    Now on to C13 – Liability


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