Whole 30 – Day 3

Remember yesterday when I was smug about not having the sugar hangover headache? Those days are gone. I woke up this morning with a bit of a headache, but really nothing terrible. I had the same breakfast as yesterday and when I got to work I took and Advil and ate my apple, and that seemed to help. There was a celebration for two co-workers who have been with our organization for 25 and 40 years where they served cake. I was totally fine being there listening to speeches and whatnot, but as soon as that cake was sliced, I hightailed it back to my desk. No use putting myself in a painful situation. Vanilla buttercream is the devil. Also, can we take a minute to talk about 40 years with the same company? Isn’t that insane? I work for an amazing company, and clearly it inspires loyalty!

Lunch was also the same as yesterday. I am a person who loves routine, so it takes a long time for the same meal to get boring for me, but with that being said, one of my goals this weekend is to sit down, meal plan, and do a ton of prep. Before Whole30, I would usually have an idea of one or two meals that I would make during the week, then rely on leftovers and the odd frozen pizza or box of KD to fill in the lazy days. On this program I don’t have that luxury. I also don’t really have the luxury of falling back on the office cafeteria for the days where I don’t bring a lunch, so I really need to put some time into planning my week a little better.

Tonight I am off to Sam’s place for some hang time. This will be the first time we have hung out socially without wine since….well, maybe ever! We are going to Costco because Sam tells me this is where the complaint bacon is (yay!) and then I am making spaghetti squash and meatballs for dinner.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Whole 30 – Day 2

Day two started off really well. I expected to wake up with a headache from the sugar withdrawal. Whole30.com even states,

“Many Whole30ers report headaches, fatigue, and general malaise during this part of the program. This, my friends, is completely normal. Your body is working its way through a whole host of junk it stored from the foods (or food-like-products) you used to eat.” (source)

Thankfully, I did not experience this at all (knock on wood), but that statement kind of makes me believe that my diet wasn’t all that bad before I started this. However… Monday night I had poutine for dinner and two glasses of wine. Tuesday my dinner was Whole 30 compliant, since I knew most of it would end up as leftovers for day 1 lunch and dinner, but I also had an additional two glasses of wine (RIP wine. I miss you!), so as you can see, it wasn’t a great diet, and I definitely had a little pre-Whole30 party.

Today started much like yesterday, black coffee and two eggs in nests, but I decided to opt out of the coffee for my second cuppa. I switched to green tea with a squirt of lemon. I definitely enjoy it more than the black coffee. I also discovered that Frank’s Hot Sauce is complaint, although the X-tra hot stuff I already had in my fridge wasn’t? WTF Frank’s?! Anyway, I actually enjoyed my eggs this morning, so that was nice. I also had my apple and almond butter at work, but a little later than yesterday because I forgot about an early meeting. The good thing is that the later consumption of my apple meant that I wasn’t so hungry/sleepy when lunch rolled around.

Lunch was romaine, green peppers, cherry tomatoes and lemon oregano baked chicken, topped with a red wine vinaigrette. I also had baby carrots dipped in a Wholly Guacamole snack pack, which held me over until almost dinner time. I was starving by 5:30, so I chowed down on more lemon oregano chicken, some roasted potatoes and a huge salad of tomato, red onion and chopped cucumber with olive oil and red wine vinegar. It filled me up but didn’t do much to help the fatigue. I had an appointment tonight and could barely get myself off the couch to go. It seems I get most of my energy, right around 8-9pm. I heard that you sleep really well on Whole 30, and I’m excited for this to begin since I am a notoriously bad sleeper.

Overall, day two was a little bit more difficult than day 1. I definitely had some cravings. I passed by some TimBits on a table at the office today and thought about how yummy they would be. I also seem to be craving cheese pizza, probably because its a bunch of naughty things together, but ultimately I am excited to push past any difficult parts and get to the good part. Hoping this positive attitude through tomorrow. 🙂

Whole 30 – Day 1

I woke up this morning nervous and excited for this little experiment. I poured my first cup of black coffee, and honestly it wasn’t that bad. Would I prefer if there was cream and sugar in it? Yes. But really, the only time I didn’t like the taste was when I forgot that it was black. That disconnect between what I was expecting to taste and what I did taste threw me off a few times, but I think I could get used to it. After shower, make-up and hair, I warmed up two of the eggs in nest I made last night. I loosely followed this recipe, but scrambled the eggs and added chopped mushrooms and green peppers (I will post my recipe when I have perfected it). I am not a huge fan of eggs, and usually require ketchup or hot sauce to help get them down, so it was kind of challenging. I need to hit the supermarket tonight to see if there is something I can eat to help with the eggs. If I can’t find anything, I will make some complaint hot sauce.

Once I got to work I had a granny smith apple dipped in almond butter. This held me over until about 11 o’clock when I started to feel like a wilting flower. I was yawing all the time and could barely keep my eyes open. Lunch helped to perk me up. I had a salad with some left over roast beef, sauteed mushrooms and onions, cherry tomatoes and a homemade vinaigrette, with a white peach for dessert. It definitely hit the spot and helped to revive me. The rest of the afternoon was great. No headaches, and a decent energy level. But then again, close to 4:30 I started to drag again. I had an early dinner – the last of the roast beef, mushrooms and some left over roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes. It was a big meal, and I didn’t quite finish it all, but it has keep me pretty full. I ate around 530, and I’m still pretty satisfied at 9:30, and that’s after a spin class.

Yep. Spin class. Meghan and I usually do spin on Wednesday nights but we haven’t been in maybe 6 weeks. Last night she asked me if I wanted to go to yoga, but I spent all day volunteering at our local food bank, and I knew I had a lot of prep to do for today, so I told her I couldn’t make it, but I would do spin tonight. I kind of hoped she would forget that I agreed to it. She didn’t. It definitely was not my best class, but I made it through!

All in all, I would say my first day went pretty well! No headaches, minimal fatigue and I’m learning how big to make my meals to prevent hunger between meals. Hoping tomorrow goes just as smoothly!

Watch This Space

I know things have been a little quiet around here lately, but that is about to change. On Wednesday I am starting Whole30, and I am planning on posting (almost) daily updates so that you can follow right along! Before all that happens though, let’s answer a few questions…

What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a body reset. Developed by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, the program aims to reset your metabolism and reshape your relationship with food. It focuses on eliminating addictive and inflammatory foods such as grains, sugar, dairy and legumes and replaces them with whole fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood. It is not about restriction at all. It is about resetting hormone levels in the body so that your body recognizes when it’s hungry and when it is not.

Why are you doing it?

I think the first reason is just to see if I can. I love pasta, red wine and pizza so it will be interesting to see just how challenging going without those things can be. Also, lately I have found that what I used to call “treats” are now becoming the norm. I ate cake at the office the other day not because I wanted it or even liked it (it’s not great cake), but just because it was there. I find myself making less healthy choices than I used to and sometimes feeling out of control with cravings. Whole30 aims to give you control back and break those stranglehold junk food can have on you.

The other reason I am doing this is just to see if the hype is real. I typically do not believe in this sort of thing. I have never been one for fad diets or trends. I have always believed ‘everything in moderation’ and that things like Paleo or Atkins were really restrictive and impossible to maintain over the long-term. I actually still believe these things to be true, but I thought if 30 days can change the way I feel about food, then what do I have to lose? I have read a few bloggers who have completed the Whole30 and raved out about their experiences. These are women like me who enjoy a cocktail and have never met a poutine they didn’t like, so I kind of figured, if they can do it, I can too!

Finally, I was diagnosed with a diary allergy when I was about 8. For most of my life I have largely ignored this diagnosis. I avoid dairy where I can (soy in my coffee, almond milk in cereal), and know which things are absolutely off limits (brie! Sweet, sweet brie) and which I am willing to suffer for (pizza!), but I am interested to see if completely eliminating diary from my diet has a positive effect on me. After 30 days, there is a reintroduction period where one by one you introduce the eliminated foods back into your diet and I am anxious to see what happens when the cheese returns.

What are you going to miss most?

Wine! And my coffee creamer. Coffee is not forbidden – there is no way I would do this if it were – but it must be black. That will be an adjustment.

Where can I find out more?

There are a ton of great resources out there. I have searched Instagram and Pinterest for recipe ideas and inspiration, but by far the best resource is whole30.com. I also really recommend reading the book It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. It does a great job of outlining the problems our body faces on a modern diet, what happens to our hormones and a lot of the diet related diseases we face due to inflammatory foods.

I’m excited to be doing this and I can’t wait to share my experience with you.

If any of you have done Whole30, please share your experience in the comments!

Happy HistoriCanada Day

Well, hello. It’s been a long time, but you all knew I couldn’t let a Canada Day pass without giving you a little piece of Canadiana! In the past I have shared tales from the hinterland, a dancing log rider, and my favourite camp fire song. This year I bring you a Historica Heritage Minute.

Similar to the Hinterland Who’s Who, these little shorts would air on Canadian television between your favourite CBC shows to give you a little piece of Canadian history. Stories ranged from the invention of basketball to women’s suffrage, and even the story of how Canada got it’s name. I think the one I am about to show you is a favourite of Canadians who are about my age. It aired when I was maybe 9 years old and became our version of, “I’ve fallen and I cant get up!”.

If you would like to see more of these videos, you can find them all (including some pretty funny parody videos) at Historica Canada. Fellow Canucks, if you have a favourite video, be sure to tell me about it in the comments. Happy Canada Day!

Saturday Morning Ramblings

It’s Saturday morning and I’m drinking coffee and watching Romeo and Juliet. This movie was everything to me when I was 16. I loved Shakespeare, and that combined with a cast of all the pretty people of my day…it was the perfect storm. I don’t think there’s a girl my age who didn’t want Leonardo DiCaprio (even in his tacky Hawaiian shirts) or who didn’t wish she looked as delicate as Claire Danes, even when she’s crying. Sigh….youth.

I really do need to get out of this Netflix vortex eventually. The condo is a wreck, the fridge is empty and I need to get to the gym. I’ve been trying to get (back) in shape but this weather makes it so hard! I’ve been going to spin class every week with Meghan, so that’s a good start, but I really need to start running again. But cozy couch trumps gym all the time. There are some great trails near my house though, and I really can’t wait to explore them again when the weather warms up. I’m a hearty Canadian girl, but -30 is too cold, even for me!

Since we’re rambling here, can we talk about hashtags? Twitter and Instagram have been “things” for a few years now and yet there are people who still have no idea what they are for. There is a person I follow on Instagram who never captions anything with words but instead uses a multitude of ridiculous hashtags. For example they would hashtag this post #watchinnetflix #dontwanttogetoffthecouch #itstoocoldtogooutsidesoimhibernating #summerplease. It drives me bonkers! Also, those of you who hashtag when your account is locked – do you know how pointless that is? The whole point of a hashtag is to make your post searchable by other users, but if your account is locked they will never see your hashtag. So unless you are using the hashtag to search your own posts or for the limited purpose of your approved followers finding certain posts, there really is no point. /rant

I will leave you with this, blogsters – the scene that even 15 years later, makes my heart skip a beat.